Becoming a Math Major

Above is a link to a narrative, one could even say a “mathematical autobiography”, which I wrote for the Discovering the Art of Mathematics blog.  Discovering the Art of Mathematics is a program created by many of the mathematics faculty (including my advisor) at Westfield State University whose goal is to create new approaches for teaching mathematics, specifically for liberal arts students.  The curriculum is largely based on books created by them, most of which involves inquiry based learning.

Their focus class, where they get to employ many of these concepts, is called “Mathematical Explorations”.  I took this class in my first semester at Westfield State, while having an undeclared major.  Quite frankly, I wasn’t really sure what major I wanted to choose.  This class was the deciding factor that convinced me to become a mathematics major.

Anyway, the link given at the top of the page not only describes how awesome this program is, but also talks about some of my personal background.