Welcome!  My name is Nicholas Taliceo, and this is my online “home”.  On this website, you will find information regarding my professional details as well as some general interests of mine.  Please refer to the tabs above to learn more.

About Me

Nicholas Taliceo is currently an analytics and research consultant in the Actuarial and Analytics Leadership Development Program at the Travelers Indemnity Company.

Before working at Travelers, Nicholas earned a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics from Westfield State University (2016), graduating summa cum laude and with the honor of Commonwealth Honors Scholar.  While at WSU, Nicholas earned certification in geographic information systems (GIS), a minor in Earth Systems Science, and published a senior honors thesis titled, “Intercardinal Adjacencies: A New Landscape Metric”.

In 2018, Nicholas earned a master of science degree in geospatial information sciences from the University of Texas at Dallas.  As part of his master’s research, Nicholas coauthored a paper titled, “The K4 graph and the inertia of the adjacency matrix for a connected planar graph”.

Apart from professional interests, Nicholas enjoys running, hiking, traveling, listening to jazz, cooking, and woodworking.

Contact Information

Email ntaliceo@gmail.com
LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/ntaliceo
GitHub github.com/nicholas-taliceo