This is the portion of my website where I will upload and display selected programs and scripts.  These files are programs I wish to highlight, those of which I am particularly proud of, or program that I feel may be of use to others.

Each of these programs/scripts will be located under its respective language section.  If you are interested to learn more about these scripts or have questions, feel free to contact me.


Batch DEM download & geoprocessing: A utilization of

This purpose of this script is to batch download digital elevation models (DEMs) from a user-defined website using web scraping techniques.  From there, the script offers several geoprocessing tasks that the user may want to execute.  This is designed to save the user a significant amount of time, especially when working with large amounts of data.

For more information, please read the slideshow embedded to this webpage.  To download all of the code, demonstrations, and documentation, please click on the link (below).


To download all or several components of this script, please refer to the following:

  • Download All Files (Recommended) — This download includes the following:
    • All demonstration documents covered in the slideshow (including the slideshow).
    • All of the graphics that are included in the slideshow.
    • All three scripts (the full script, a script only containing the web scraping component, and a script assuming DEM files have been downloaded and is for geoprocessing only).
    • An appropriate README file.
  • — This download is aforementioned full script.
  • — This is a script that only downloads DEM files from the internet.
  • — This script assumes that the user already has DEM files downloaded, and only gives the user the ability to perform geoprocessing tasks.

Visual Basic .NET

Semi-automated map layout generation using ArcObjects and VB.NET

This project was completed in the Spring 2017 GISC 6388: Advanced GIS Programming course offered at UT-Dallas.  The purpose of this project is to create an easy-to-use map layout through a dockable window interface for Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop software.

The current software offers two main methods of generating printable or saveable maps.  Both methods require several steps of user input, which can take several minutes.

The purpose of this code is to expedite the process of generating simple maps, specifically for instances where a final map is needed, but not to the degree of publishable quality.  This is done so that the user needs to input as little information as possible.

Semi-automated … downloadable files

  • Download All Files (Recommended) — This download includes:
    • The map layout solution folder (for Visual Studio 2015).
    • Data folder containing shapefiles for the colleges in Massachusetts, cities and towns in Massachusetts, and Agawam, MA.  This will be used in the subsequent file.
    • “Test_UniversitiesMA.mxd,” an ArcMap document that contains a per-constructed map (with metadata included) as an implementation example.
    • Full write up describing in greater detail the workings of this program.
  • Map Layout Solution Folder — This contains just the solution folder that contains the build-able code to be used in Visual Studio and then ArcMap.
  • Map Layout Paper — The full descriptive write up describing the details of this program.