Here are some selected writing samples of mine which highlight my past work in mathematics.  All of these samples were created for mathematics classes at Westfield State University.

  • When appropriate, I will post information regarding my Research Experience for Undergraduates project, titled “Intercardinal Adjacencies: A New Landscape Metric” under the Research tab.
  • Cryptography Paper – This is an expository essay written for my Number Theory class.  I find cryptography quite interesting, especially today’s modern uses, such as the RSA Encryption System.  This system and more is described in this essay.
  • Middlefield Mail Problem – This was a term project that I collaborated on with a few of my peers.  This was for my Operations Research & Modeling class.  The problem given to us was this:  Is there an optimal mail route for the town of Middlefield, MA that would minimize time and cost for the mail company (ie USPS) as well as maximize convenience for the citizens of the town?  Given these initial constraints as well as other feasible constraints (such as condition of roads, number of mail trucks, etc) what will the mail route look like?  Our results are outlined in this paper.  Note: With my new experience with GIS, I am now aware  that an accurate approximation for a solution (we cannot get an exact solution; it is a traveling salesman problem) can easily be found using network analyst operations in GIS.  When I have some free time, I intend on re-visiting this problem.
  • Heat Equation Approximation & Spreadsheet – This is an approximation to the differential equation known as the Heat Equation that I completed as an assignment for my Numerical Analysis class.