I began working with geographic information systems (GIS) around 2014.  In essence, geographic information systems are software which analyze, manipulate, interpret, and visualize data in meaningful and aesthetically pleasing ways, oftentimes but not necessarily in the form of maps.

Below are some samples of my work.

Selected Graduate Work

  • Cellular Tower Site Selection – This project conducts a viewshed analysis of current cellular towers within range of Longmeadow, MA.  Utilizing LiDAR data to determine cellular interference and elevation (i.e., elevation and tree canopy/building height), results propose potential new tower locations to improve overall town cellular reception.  This work was completed in Advanced GIS (GISC 6384), Spring 2017 at UT Dallas.
  • Mt. Rainier Glacial System Ablation Rate – This project utilizes historical remotely-sensed imagery of the Mt. Rainier glacial system to estimate the amount of glacial recession, or ablation, or net loss over a period of years.  This project was completed in Remote Sensing Fundamentals (GISC 6325), Fall 2016 at UT Dallas.
  • Other graduate work I wish to highlight is present under the programming section, which include crossover projects between GIS and computer programming.

Selected Undergraduate Work

  • Response Time Analysis – This is a response time analysis for the three fire stations located in Westfield, MA, utilizing the network analyst extension of ArcGIS Online.
  • Response Time Analysis II – A more detailed version of the above assignment, completed in the desktop version of ArcMap.
  • Web/Mobile Mapping Tutorial – A tutorial on creating web map apps via ArcGIS Online and the utilization of GeoApps on mobile devices (c. 2015).
  • Geoprocessing of Mass Pike – A map displaying the land use within a 1/4 mile a portion of the Massachusetts Turpike that lies within the city of Westfield, MA.
  • Viewshed Analysis of Mount Tom – This report discusses the visibility of a potential wind turbine on the summit of Mount Tom located in Holyoke, MA.

GIS-Related Websites

  • Nick’s Maps – This is my website for Advanced GIS (GARP 0344) while I was enrolled in during the Fall 2015 semester.  I posted all of my assignments and projects here.  By no means is everything on this site perfect – many of these assignments were geared to have us explore the concepts being taught.
  • Python Scripting for GIS Analysis –  This was the website for the independent study, “GARP 0399: IS Python,” taught by Dr. Carsten Braun.  This course was designed to self-learn the Python programming language, and apply it to programming for GIS.