Academic Interests

I am interested in two major research areas—applied mathematics and geospatial information sciences.  My interest in the former research area was solidified through my involvement in WSU’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).  My interest in the latter topic was sparked from my work during the REU, and since have focused on projects that involve my combined interests of mathematics and geospatial information sciences.

My experience in the REU program was my first in-depth exposure to what mathematical research is like, along with other accompanying aspects.  I had the opportunity to conduct research on an applied mathematics project, which ultimately culminated in my Senior Honors Thesis. 

As mentioned, my experience in the REU program ultimately piqued my interest in geographic information systems and sciences (GIS).  Since my initial exposure, I obtained a GIS Certificate from the WSU Division of Graduate & Continuing Education, and have continued my higher education journey by pursuing a Master’s degree in the Geospatial Information Sciences program at the University of Texas at Dallas.

My current academic interests include continuing my academic career by exploring geospatial information science research with an emphasis in applied mathematics.  Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to: spatial statistics, spatial analysis, optimization, and operations research and modeling.

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